Mark Linder Walk for the Mind Facebook Page — Our Walk for the Mind page on Facebook.  “Like” our page and keep informed of current events and news!

Meet for the Mind Brain Tumor Support — Support for the brain tumor patient, family and caregiver in central IL.

david m. bailey  — David was well-known as a 14 yr. survivor of a Glioblastoma brain tumor.  His amazing story of hope has inspired thousands of brain tumor survivors all over the world.  Mark Linder Walk for the Mind theme song is by david m. bailey.

RiverPlex — Home of the Mark Linder Walk for the Mind.  There is a scenic walking path along the Illinois River that takes our walkers on a 1-mile loop.

Illinois Neurological Institute, Peoria, IL — Leading neuro-science centers in the Midwest offering the most comprehensive clinical care, technology, research, and education.

University of Illinois College of Medicine, Brain Tumor Research, Peoria, IL — Focuses on a variety of cancers — brain (Glioblastoma, medulloblastoma, meningioma and neuroblastoma).  Within the Cancer Research Center, scientists are exploring the invasive characteristics of malignant tumor cells that infiltrate normal tissue and cause the tumor to recur.

Illinois CancerCare, Peoria, IL — Making an impact of the lives of cancer patients in our community, while paving the way to a cure.

American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) — 35 Years of Sharing Knowledge, Sharing Hope.

The Brain Tumor Foundation — Guides and supports patients, families and caregivers touched by a brain tumor.

National Brain Tumor Society — United together to fight brain tumors.

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