Team Competition – Get your group together today!

Teams and individuals can gather donations which increases the amount of money donated to brain tumor research! Therefore, every dollar raised helps to make an direct impact on research!

Most of all, by starting a team and raising funds, you are helping to give hope, continue research, and provide support to those affected by brain tumors in our community.

Our website and Facebook page will recognize the top teams and individuals following the 2017 Walk for the Mind. 

As always, we expect all our walkers to register and pay the walk registration fee. Survivors do not have a registration fee. Our registration fee is separate and does not count towards the donation totals. Online registration and forms to print are available here.

There are many easy ways to gather donations. A few ways are:

  • Donate $10 yourself and ask 9 friends to donate $10 each.
  • Ask 20 friends to donate $5 each.
  • Ask 10 friends to donate $10 each.
  • Send a letter or email to family and friends, explaining what Mark Linder Walk for the Mind is about and ask for a donation. Always ask for more than you expect. Example: If you want $25, ask for $50.

Are you getting together to raise funds for brain tumor research?

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