Mission Statement of Mark Linder Walk for the MindMark Linder Walk for the Mind Logo - No Year

Charter: Be a presence in Central Illinois to promote awareness of brain tumors and continue to raise funds for research.

Mission: Support and Continue the Mark Linder Walk for the Mind to raise awareness of brain tumors and their impact on those in Central Illinois.

Brain Tumors: There are many misconceptions about those who have or had tumors.  Many people are not aware of their tumors, blaming symptoms on other possible causes.

Research & Treatment: Funds will be raised for research into treatment and cures for the various known brain tumors.  Research currently includes surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, medication, and other possible treatments and therapies.

Remember & Celebrate: We also will remember and honor those lost to brain tumors, their families, friends and loved ones and celebrate those who have survived.



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